ok its really sad that me and Ash get a kicked out playing SN charades.......
and we think TGIT is the best thing ever....
I think it time we re-examine our lives...
oh and yes its Choke Sam night!!!!!!!!!!!!! *inside joke*
i know many (ok one or 2) of you are reading and are like wtf!
If you know me at all tonight is SV and SN night. Look it up hehe.
Anyways I am out bc Jenn's here.
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So I am finally getting a lead with the Job search. Hopefully things will start looking up for me. Ever feel like you have something so close to you that you can reach out and touch it but at the same time its so far away. Well I am feeling like that now. I don't know maybe the life I wanted to lead is not destined. I am gonna end up alone with 40 cats and a shot gun to scare kids away on halloween. hehe. I am gonna start using LJ alot more now bc well I can. And don't worry Ash, I won't fuck it up again. I learned my lessoned. So anyways I am off for now. BBL.
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